Icardi: 'Make history with Paris Saint-Germain'

In the second half of our PSG TV interview with Mauro Icardi, the Argentine speaks about how his football has developed throughout his career:

At 26 years of age, you have already lived and played in several countries. What did you learn over the years?

In Barcelona I learned a lot about tactics and technique. The philosophy of the game is very strong. It helped me in Italy to adapt and understand the game. The same goes for my movement on the pitch, because in Italy they weren't used to the moves I made. All that developed my playing intelligence on the pitch. Tactics and physical impact also built the player I am today.

You just broke Zlatan Ibrahimovic's record as the fastest man to score ten goals for Paris Saint-Germain. What does it represent to you to already have a first record here?

I didn't know it and it's a source of pride to achieve this kind of thing and make history for a team like Paris Saint-Germain. I try to always be prepared and to always be an option for my team-mates with my runs and my movement so that they can find a free player in attack. I'm always ready and focused to move as quickly as possible as soon as I receive the ball.

How have you developed such a strong understanding on the pitch with your teammates, so quickly?

We have a team with a lot of quality players. The team often has possession of the ball and I, as a striker, try to be the first line of defence. I also step out to try and open up spaces. The opposing teams sit deep and there isn't much space in the penalty box. That's why I help my team-mates as much as I can, with or without the ball, by creating space. It helps the team score goals. That's what team play is all about.

Finally, what advice would you give to youngsters who dream of becoming a great striker?

It's very difficult to reach the top level. The advice I always give to kids is to work hard and enjoy playing football. And if one day they have the opportunity to reach the top level, they should be consistent, professional and become responsible players and people.