Gabriel Moscardo: "I hope to win many trophies with this club"

Having just signed for the capital club, Paris Saint-Germain’s new midfielder gave PSG TV his first impressions, with the young Brazilian expressing his joy at joining Les Rouge et Bleu as well as his eagerness to step onto the pitch for his new club.

Gabriel, how are you, and what was it like to arrive here?

“Thanks for the welcome. I’m really happy to be here with you and to have signed. Today is definitely the best day of my life, and I believe that I’ll make the fans really happy in the years to come.”

What does it mean to you to sign for Paris Saint-Germain, and what made you choose to come here?

“As soon as I heard about PSG’s interest and the project they presented to me, I was really excited and focusing 100% on Paris. I’m very excited because it’s a project with young players, so I’m looking forward to joining the squad and getting to know the players, and I’m sure that the focus is to win many trophies.”

At just 18 years old, this is the first time that you’ve left your home country. How do you feel about that?

“Yes, I feel prepared; I’ve been preparing for this for years. I’ve been learning English for five years, and of course, in July, I’ll arrive and study French as well. I’ve had some trips to Europe before and always felt good here. I felt like it was the place for me here, and I’m sure I’m going to adapt well in Paris.” 

Did the idea of playing under Luis Enrique, a manager who puts his faith in young players, influence your decision? 

“Yes, of course. This is a club with many young players, which shows that the coach has a lot of faith in youth, so I look forward to joining the club and hope to have a good relationship with the coach and with the players, too.”

Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil have a great shared history. Did you know about that when you came here?

“Of course. As soon as I heard about PSG’s interest, I thought of Marquinhos. He’s been here for a long time and knows the squad and the city well, so it was definitely a factor in my choice. Having Marquinhos as a Brazilian and the captain of the team will definitely help me adapt to the club and the language.”

What are your aims for the next few months? Getting game time and coming here in peak form for next season?

“I’ll be 100% focused on coming back as quickly as possible. That’s my focus for the next few months: to prepare myself well to come back here in the middle of the year and be at the highest level possible to join PSG’s squad.”

Finally, do you have a message for the Paris fans?

“I can’t wait to put on the PSG jersey and to meet the supporters for the first time. I can only say that I’m really excited and hope to be here for many years and to win many trophies with this club.”

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