Christophe Galtier: 'Make up for lost points'

Press conferences

The Paris Saint-Germain manager spoke in the press conference this Tuesday 31 January on the eve of the game against Montpellier HSC in matchday 21 of Ligue 1.

the draw against REIMS

"We must do better. Strangely enough, against Reims, with eleven men on the pitch in the first half, we suffered a lot, and when we found ourselves with ten men, we had chances, we led while continuing to attack. That shows a certain state of mind. The end of the game remains disappointing, we have to find some consistency in our matches, at the moment we are playing with too much fluctuation in quality, there are tough moments in a season, we have to turn things around."

the quality in ligue 1 

"We realise that in the French league, anyone can beat anyone. There is quality in the squads, on the bench, people work hard. It's very tight in the table, the teams are fighting for survival and for the race for Europe. Ligue 1 has raised its level of play, there are more goals, there are more games, it's a very attractive league."


"Matches at La Mosson are always difficult, there will be a lot of excitement tomorrow. They responded against Auxerre, there is no easy match. The main thing to do in this match is to concentrate on our game and the intensity we will put into the game. We let points slip against Reims, we have to get them back in Montpellier."

the midfield 

"We are trying to find the right formula, there was Marco's absence even if I don't want to hide behind that. I can't be satisfied with what we produced against Reims. We were more coherent at the beginning of the second half, before Marco was sent off. We need to find density and fluidity in midfield."


"It's not enough in terms of points and play. We must quickly find a higher level of play than what we are offering. We have to rediscover our discipline, high standards, individual and collective efforts. We saw this very often during the first few months. We talked about it a lot during the pre-season and at the start of the season. We are finding it difficult to find that in January, we spoke about it this morning with the players and we are working in this direction. There must be an awareness of the players on what they give on the pitch."

the transfer window

"We will comment on the transfer window when it is closed. The club is working, the president and Luis Campos are working on the transfer window. I don't have to comment on possible arrivals or departures. Nothing will be done because we drew against Reims. There has been a reflection in the transfer market for a long time. But this squad has been working well for months, there is no reason why the performance should not return as long as everyone makes the necessary efforts."