Ander Herrera : "We have to wait, be active and positive for the future"

In an interview given to PSGTV, the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder spoke about the current situation.

Like the rest of his teammates, Ander Herrera has spent nearly 8 weeks in confinement, because of the health crisis. Speaking remotely to PSGTV, the midfielder confided how he's dealing with this very special time.

"It's a difficult situation. It's very bizarre for everybody, for us too as we like to play, we love going to training every day and now we can't do much exercise because we have to stay at home. It's difficult but we must adapt. We need to be sensitive to the current world situation that's the way it is. We can't do anything else but wait, be active and positive for the future," the Spanish international said, from home where he's juggling the training programme supplied by the club and spending time in the company of his two daughters. 

Far from his daily life as a top level sportsman but also from his team-mates, the n°21 doesn't hide how much he's missing being out on the pitch: "It's sad because we had a very good season. I think we've got a very, very strong squad, we're really united and we have a lot of players who are team players, who think of the team. Even the team's stars were very focused in order for us to have the best possible season. We won against Dortmund, and everybody was very happy, very optimistic for te rest of the season with the squad spirit we'd created. Unfortunately all that is over and we can'y have the season we wished for."

If it's difficult for Ander Herrera to hide his frustration, he still puts his personal situation into perspective: "'It's difficult not to think about the fact that we can't play and I think for PSG supporters it's the same thing. We must be very sensitive to the global situation, because of course the most important thing is everybody's health."

Finally, asked about how the squad are keeping in touch and his feelings about the end of the league season, the Spaniard didn't miss the opportunity to remind everybody of the big games potentially to come: "We speak with the teammates on WhatsApp, we talk about the situation, we talk about what's going to happen, whether we'll play, the league season being called to a halt. We would have liked to have won things on the pitch. Of course we deserve the title because we were the best team and we played very well. We played lots of matches with the greatest of respect for our opponents. But we wanted to win things on the field. It's the same for the finals of the two Cups, we want to win them on the field."