Alphonse Areola: 'Establish myself long term'

After signing a contract extension through to 2023, the goalkeeper spoke of his delight and his determination to become a key figure at Paris Saint-Germain for years to come.

Alphonse, how do you feel after signing a contract extension with Paris Saint-Germain?
"I'm really proud, and also feel fortunate to be able to continue my progress at my club. I'm going to be able to continue flourishing and help the club win alongside all my teammates. I'm very happy to have extended my contract."

It's a strong message from the club...
"When you commit yourself long term, it means you're an integral part of the club. We all hope to make our mark on the history of this club. My first goal was to become a professional at Paris Saint-Germain and then to establish myself long term."

How do you evaluate your progress since you arrived at Paris Saint-Germain?
"It also makes those around me proud to know and see that we have gone step by step. I'm where I am today thanks to hard work and the desire to succeed and perform well for Paris Saint-Germain. But there are still objectives to achieve, and this contract extension isn't an end in itself."

A little word for the fans?
"I just want to tell them to keep supporting us. I've been a child of the club. I've been watching them since I was very little, and now I see them from the pitch. It's always great to hear them sing, push us on, and give us strength when we're on the pitch."