All you need to know about the draw!

Everything you need to know to follow the UEFA Champions League group stage draw!

The draw will take place at 18:00CEST at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.


  • The 26 teams who qualified automatically for the group stage under the new rules along with the six winners of the play-offs.
  • The teams are divided into four seeding groups. Pot 1 contains the holders, the UEFA Europa League winners and the champions of the six-best-placed nations. Pots 2-4 are determined according to the clubs' coefficients.
  • No team can meet another from the same association. The exact format and procedure of the draw will be explained before it takes place.
  • The draw also determines the groups for the UEFA Youth League.


18/19 September: Matchday 1
2/3 October: Matchday 2
23/24 October: Matchday 3
6/7 November: Matchday 4
27/28 November: Matchday 5 
11/12 December: Matchday 6
17 December: Last 16 draw
12/13/19/20 February: Last 16 first leg
5/6/12/13 March: Last 16 second leg
15 March: Quarter-final draw
9/10 April: Quarter-final first leg
16/17 April: Quarter-final second leg
19 April: Semi-final draw
30 April/1st May: Semi-final 1st leg 
7/8 May: Semi-final 2nd leg 
Saturday 1 June: Final – Estadio Metropolitano, Madrid