Abdou Diallo: "This title is for the supporters"

In an interview with PSGTV, the Paris Saint-Germain defender spoke about his current situation and being a Champion of France.

After more than 8 weeks in confinement, the announcement of the end of the Ligue 1 season and the title of French Champions celebrated far from his teammates, Abdou Diallo spoke remotely to PSGTV about this very special time.

"It's bizarre and it's a pity. But that's the situation and we have to deal with it. We would have loved to have celebrated the title with everybody at the Parc of course, but that's the way it is. You say to yourself that you worked for a year and you don't have the chance to savour it with everybody. But it remains a title and we'll take it," the n°22 told us, after his first season in the French capital.

Far from his teammates, Abdou Diallo is still in contact with the Paris dressing room during the health crisis: "With my teammates, we've been trying to congratulate each other. We're congratulating each other in every language. We're trying to do our best but of course it's frustrating."

And of course, it's difficult for the French defender to hide his frustration when he talks about being away from the pitches: "What I miss the most? In reality, it's simply my life. I've been playing football since I was very small, that's my daily life. It's the first time that I've been away from it for so long and it's new to me. You try to hang on to two or three things, do sport, not get up too late, not have excesses in your life."

Finally, questioned about his title as a French Champion for 2019-2020, the defender didn't waste the chance to dedicate it to all those who love Paris Saint-Germain: "I dedicate this title to the supporters, of course. They're the most penalised by this situation. They have their season tickets and they had planned to celebrate the end of the season, one that had been pretty exciting. They're the most frustrated in this story, so the title is for them."