"You have to act by staying at home"

Hasher, the President of the PSG Fan Club Shanghai, explains how this health crisis is being lived through in China and the impact it has on his daily life.

While COVID-19 is present worldwide, Hasher, who lives in China, the country where the virus first appeared, explains to us his feelings about the peak of the epidemic in Shanghai plus the start of the return to normality in his country: "In Shanghai we were all automatically confined. Here, everybody respected the rules and we all took the necessary measures. It all went fine because we were confined as a group. It meant a lot of time spent at home and we tried to find new activities to do during the day and keep in contact with people through social media. We've also done a lot of things from a distance. We're not used to spending so much time at home, to working from home. Personally, I found it a bit complicated to start with. It was a bit difficult, but as time went on we found activities to do. And through the fan club we were able to dialogue a lot via our groups. We posted videos of old Paris Saint-Germain matches. We watch old games, we talk about the future and about the team in general. Now restrictions are starting to be lifted in Shanghai and  companies are restarting their activities, offices and shops too. Wearing a mask remains obligatory and there are still temperature controls. We must take precautions."


Amidst this special context, the supporters have one major hope. That is to see their club in action again in order to relive unique emotions: "We managed to get together for the match against Dortmund at 4 in the morning in Shanghai. We hadn't managed much sleep before the crucial match. We're always a little stressed and we want everything to go well. After the match, we were very happy with the result. We didn't have too many doubts, we know our team and what they're capable of. They've shown on the pitch that they're a solid team. As for us, despite the current situation, we're still here and we know that the team is capable of great things this season. The evening of the qualification against Dortmund there was a communion on the pitch and after the match. Something happened that evening. The team is close knit and we saw that on the pitch, we saw true warriors. Now we're trying to patient but we can't wait for Paris Saint-Germain to come back. We hope that everything will start up again and that we'll finish up as champions. The objective is always to go as far as possible, to win everything. They're the discussions we have most often among fans."


Given the ongoing crisis, Hasher wanted to get one last message across: "What I want to say is simple and it's 'stay at home'. The virus mustn't be taken lightly and people need to stick together. You have to act by staying at home, there are much worse situations to be in so stay at home and take the time to do new activities while waiting for the confinement period to be over."