The Paris Saint-Germain Academy launches its first football & eSports courses

Following the announcement of the forthcoming opening of the Paris Saint-Germain Studio - a new space dedicated to eSport and digital activities, which will be set up in the Paris Saint-Germain headquarters - the club is continuing to shake up the codes of eSport by adding courses that combine football and eSport to its Academy programmes.

These hybrid courses, which combine two of the club's main areas of expertise, symbolise Paris Saint-Germain's desire to continue transmitting its know-how and educational values to young people.

The aim is to guide the young participants as they venture into eSport while encouraging them to do some physical exercise on the side. For the eSport side, coaches who have received specific training from the Paris Saint-Germain Academy will take the young gamers under their wing, with the aim of helping them improve their skills on the FIFA video game while teaching them the basics of ethical and responsible video game use. With regard to the football aspect, the club is calling upon its partner UrbanSoccer, who already welcome members of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy France into their Foot 5 centres.

Fabien Allègre, Director of Merchandising and Brand Diversification at Paris Saint-Germain, announced: “This new project, blending football with eSport, ties in with Paris Saint-Germain’s eSport strategy, which was implemented in 2016. Drawing upon our expertise in running football academy programmes in both France and abroad, we designed these courses in a bid to create a strong link between these two sporting disciplines by offering high-quality training in these two closely-linked fields.

The first courses will be held this summer in the Paris Saint-Germain Studio and the UrbanSoccer centre in Puteaux.

Are you interested in taking part? Click on the link to find out more about the courses and to benefit from priority enrolment: here