The Allez Les Filles programme extends to Saint-Denis and Poissy

Building on its success year after year since 2012, the Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund's Allez Les Filles! programme, run in the towns of Colombes and Vitry, is being extended to young people in the towns of Saint-Denis and Poissy and soon in Paris, in one of its arrondissements. The Allez les Filles! programme introduces young girls from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to the benefits and values of sport, opening up new horizons for them.

Over the last eleven years, almost 550 young girls have taken part in the Allez les Filles! programme, launched by the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, which is putting equality at the heart of its fight with this initiative dedicated to young girls from disadvantaged areas to help them develop their self-confidence.

Fabien All├Ęgre, Deputy Director of the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation: "The Allez Les Filles! programme embodies the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation's leading commitment to empowering young girls through sport, which is a powerful driver for change. We are delighted to extend this programme to the towns of Saint-Denis and Poissy, and soon in the heart of Paris, to continue to create a future where every girl can excel and achieve her full potential."

Tailor-made for young girls aged 11 to 16 who are not fortunate enough to practise sport, Allez les Filles! also gives them the opportunity to take part in introductory cultural sessions during the season, as well as privileged, inspiring and encouraging exchanges with Paris Saint-Germain's women professional players, who are particularly involved in this initiative.

For Marie-Antoinette Katoto, patron of the programme Allez les Filles! : "I'm very proud to see this programme grow and develop in the Paris region, in Saint-Denis and Poissy. I'm very honoured to be the patron of this wonderful and meaningful programme. It offers unique opportunities for personal development and, above all, self-confidence for each of the participants."

During the 2022/2023 season, the Allez les Filles! programme was present with 50 young girls in the towns of Colombes and Vitry at the rate of a weekly session over a period of eight months. They had the opportunity to meet their favourite Paris Saint-Germain women's players and to round off their year with a week of fun and a sporting holiday.

At the end of each season, the young girls are offered a sports licence by the partner city of the Foundation and the Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund to encourage them to persevere in their favourite sport. The coming season will see the expansion of the programme into the towns of Saint-Denis and Poissy, the latter of which is now home to Paris Saint-Germain's new training centre. For the 2023/2024 season, the Allez les Filles! programme will also open in the city of Paris, in one of its arrondissements.

Since its creation in 2000, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation has pursued the Club's historic ambition of supporting and helping young people in difficulty by placing the Club's values at the heart of its educational approach, in the firm belief that sport is a powerful lever for education. The mission of the Foundation, the Endowment Fund and its staff, who work on a daily basis, is to give children who do not have the same opportunities at the start of their lives the helping hand they need to discover and fulfil their potential.