The Academy opens in Geneva

After opening in North and South America, Asia, Africa and in various European countries including Germany, Portugal, Russia and the United Kingdom, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy is expanding its football schools network into Switzerland by setting up shop in Geneva.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy has chosen the prestigious Florimont institute, a school with a great reputation for its quality of teaching, for its base in Geneva. Since the beginning of this school year students aged from nine to 13 have been able to attend two training sessions a week after lessons.

On-site, a technical team made up of four experienced coaches will be in charge of sharing their knowledge and the core values of Paris Saint-Germain to pupils at the Florimont Institute.

A few weeks before activities began the coaches met up with Benjamin Houri, Paris Saint-Germain’s technical officer, to undergo a course based on the club’s training methodology. After numerous theory sessions based on the Paris Saint-Germain game philosophy Benjamin Houri also led practical training sessions with around twenty children under the watchful eye of the new technical staff of the Paris Saint-Germain Switzerland Academy.

“The club is delighted to have opened this first Swiss academy in Geneva. Switzerland is very close to France, both geographically and culturally, and we’re really proud to become the first European Academy to open in this region.
The technical staff that’s in place offers a very good blend of experienced coaches and young, highly motivated assistants. They were all incredibly invested in the project and showed real curiosity during the session. It’s a real pleasure to be able to share the club’s methodology with coaches who will then be able to transmit it to our young Swiss fans.”

The long-term goal is to expand the model put in place in the Florimont Institute into different well-known schools in Switzerland, in regions such as Geneva and Lausanne, through after school classes and intensive courses throughout the year. The Paris Saint-Germain Academy hopes to share its technical knowledge and the club’s methodology with even more young Swiss footballers in the future.

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