The Academy Egypt opens a new centre!

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Egypt continues to grow with the inauguration of new facilities and the vist of the technical director.

In mid-December, the Egyptian Academy opened a new training site in the heart of Al Mansourah in the north of the country. A centre with ideally located infrastructures, right in the city centre.
About fifty children have already put on their boots and tested the new ground, accompanied and supervised by four coaches. In order to make this site grow quickly, Pierre-Yves Bodineau, technical director of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy, went to the site to teach the club's methodology. Between theoretical and practical courses, the different coaches were able to practice and ensure the good training of their players and the values of the club.

One man is at the technical direction of this Academy: Patrick Valery. Former professional player and trainer in several clubs in France, Patrick has great knowledge of the methodology. His challenge is to develop the different sites and to develop the loyalty of his coaches by making the centres grow throughout the territory.

Egypt is a real footballing country, where there is a lot of room for development. Paris Saint-Germain are highly regarded locally and their image is growing in stature. The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Egypt U13 team won the Academy World Cup final last year.

The opening of this new site is part of the continuing development of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy. Nadia Benmokthar, head of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy, is delighted: "This is the 5th site in Egypt! The Paris Saint-Germain Academy is growing year after year, while maintaining an optimal level of quality, well above local standards. Thanks to this new site, the Paris Saint Germain Academy Egypt now has more than 400 children. We are proud of this development, and of the club's footprint which is growing stronger every day in the area. And it's not over yet, as our partner will soon be opening other sites. The development continues, to the delight of our Egyptian fans."