#PSGLIMITED - Inflatable Paddle Paris Saint-Germain x SurfPistols

The first product of the #PSGLIMITED programme to be unveiled, the inflatable paddle Paris Saint-Germain was designed and developed in collaboration with the French brand SurfPistols, based in Brittany, pioneers in inflatable paddles and market leaders.

This limited edition of 50 will offer you great outings as a family and allow you to achieve your first surfs in easy waves. This board is ideal for our young fans and is also completely adapted to supporters of a more advanced age. This paddle is not a beach toy, it's a solid product that will allow you to show the colours with pride out at sea and at rivers.

The board is made up of two skins fused together and a third protective envelope on rails. The construction ensures the board is rigid, performs superbly, slides and is reliable. The Pad is made of EVA, a supple, comfortable material that offers grip without being aggressive. It's the best choice, even if rarely, in the sunshine the pad might come away slightly, and that's why the board is sold with a repair kit comprising a tube of PVC glue in order for you to be able to stick the board back together again should it become necessary. 

Its pointy nose allows it to ease over the waves and choppy waters easily without destabilisation, offering you great comfort and good stability even in tricky conditions. The Paris-Saint-Germain paddle is also equipped with three supple Japanese wings of great quality. The wings are also used in rafting, they are indestructible and without danger, especially for children. The wings have thermal memory and return to their original form in the sunshine. 

The inflatable paddle Paris Saint-Germain x SurfPistols is on sale from today, July 2 2020, exclusively at the Paris Saint-Germain boutique on the Champs-Elysées and in the PSG shops in Tokyo, Seoul and Los Angeles as well as at store.psg.fr

Price: 900 euros (including all taxes)

Quantity: 50