Paris Saint-Germain presents its new wardrobe designed by Kim Jones

Paris Saint-Germain and Dior have revealed the new official wardrobe for the Parisian club's first team this season. The exclusive creations have been designed by Kim Jones, Artistic Director of Dior's men's collections.

This elegant wardrobe in shades of black, blue and grey reveals a casual silhouette featuring a Harrington jacket, knitted jumper, oxford* shirt and Dior Explorer loafers with the CD Icon signature on the vamp. A Hit the Road backpack and toiletry bag, featuring the unmistakable CD Diamond motif, complete this exceptional selection.

This timeless evening outfit includes a coat and a pair of Monk Dior Evidence shoes. Redefining the fundamental lines of the allure tailoring, a costume crossed unpublished is approved a strap and sublimated a pin's paré initials of the couturier-fondateur. Symbols of refinement, a cashmere scarf, silk tie and reversible belt complete each look.

The Paris Saint-Germain players will be wearing these pieces for the 3rd year running, enhanced by the captivating details that reflect Dior's inventiveness and expertise.

Paris Saint-Germain is consolidating its presence in the world of fashion and lifestyle with this partnership, which will run until 2021. The House of Dior and the Paris Saint-Germain Club both cultivate a passion for the City of Light, and continue to celebrate it around the world. A captivating dialogue in the name of performance and creativity.

* Each shirt is embellished with an intricate 'Paris Saint-Germain' patch or delicate embroidery.