Paris Saint-Germain Foundation puts kids in spotlight

Ill children and those from difficult social circumstances were given a day they'll never forget by the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation at Saturday's final league game of the year against Nantes.

Founded in 2000, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation works to help youngsters integrate into society and find employment. Since its creation, 220,000 children have benefitted from its help. This week, four children from the Foundation were able to meet their heroes. The Secours Populaire, SOS Villages d’Enfants and Un Maillot Pour la Vie, the ELA Association and Princesse Margot also took part in the celebrations.

"Christmas is an important period for all children," Sabrina Delannoy, the Foundation's Deputy Director said. "We want them to have a magical time and that's the aim of this evening that we have entitled 'Children first'. We have brought the children together to give them a dream moment alongside the players."

After being welcomed at the Hotel Molitor in early afternoon, some 25 of the children from the Secours Populaire put the large cover on the centre circle while 11 others walked out onto the pitch with the players. "This evening, we have brought together 50 refugees and migrants, children and families, to have a bite to eat before the game," Delannoy said. "Some of them will accompany the players onto the pitch while others will hold the banner in the middle of the pitch. They're going to remember this for some time to come."

A little earlier, five ill children had greeted the players' arrival at the Parc des Princes, and collected photos and autographs before watching them warm-up from pitchside. "Sport has a lot of values, reinforces unity, team spirit, and it's important to recreate such moments for youngsters whose lives have often been completely turned upside down," said Thierry Robert, CEO of the Secours Populaire.

And to make a wonderful day complete, they got to watch Thomas Tuchel's men round off the year with a win!