Paris Saint-Germain and the artistic director Benjamin Benichou harness AI to create a ground-breaking poster collection

Paris Saint-Germain continues to explore exciting new avenues in the fields of art and technology. This season the club is working with the artistic director Benjamin Benichou to create a unique collection of match posters using artificial intelligence.

The AI-assisted creative process is a first for the club and involved the drafting of a guide for incorporating a wide range of historic and graphic elements. Seven images will be taken from the 1,970 posters created and will become the official posters for seven key matches of this season.

Benjamin Benichou said: “When you explore the intersecting potential of a brand as inspiring as Paris Saint-Germain and a tool as powerful as artificial intelligence, the possibilities for creation become infinite. This initiative paves the way for a new territory of artistic and creative expression where art meets technology. I thank Paris Saint-Germain for the opportunity.”

Paris Saint-Germain Chief Brand Officer Fabien Allègre: “Innovation and art are in Paris Saint-Germain’s DNA. We are delighted with this initial experience. The results are amazing. This collaboration with Benjamin Benichou has given us a better understanding of this new tool, which opens up endless creative possibilities. In continuing to explore new frontiers, Paris Saint-Germain is striving to redefine the future of sport, opening up unexplored horizons for new generations of supporters.”

The NFT series will be made exclusively available on the NFT Platform, and each NFT in the series will be airdropped for free on their corresponding match days to eligible NFT account holders. In addition to being able to win exclusive prizes including prints of the original artwork and signed shirts from the team’s players after each drop, eligible users who collect all seven NFTs in the series will further qualify to enter a competition with a chance to win a special experience at the final match of the season at the Parc de Princes.

The first NFT poster in the series will be airdropped on 24th September 2023 for the match against Marseille.

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Benjamin Benichou, co-founder and CEO of Drop (, is a visionary at the intersection of creative direction and AI artistry. Based in Los Angeles, he’s committed to leveraging generative AI to revolutionize e-commerce and facilitate authentic interactions between brands and consumers. His most recent AI Art project with Paris Saint-Germain exemplifies his mission: marrying the realms of artistic expression and technology to redefine the future of brand-consumer engagements.