Paris Saint-Germain and Jay Chou launch an exclusive series of 10,000 “Tiger Champs” NFTS

To celebrate Paris Saint-Germain’s tenth French championship title, the Parisian club and Jay Chou, a superstar with hundreds of millions of fans in Asia, are continuing their collaboration by launching an exclusive series of 10,000 NFTs.

Called “Tiger Champs”, in reference to the year of the tiger, the collection depicts the emblematic big cat in the club’s colours. It is part of a collaboration between Paris Saint-Germain and Jay Chou that aims to combine football, music and the international artist’s love of the French capital, where he lives for part of the year.

The series of NFTs will be released exclusively at CRYPTO.COM/NFT starting June 23, 2022. This is the first collection of Paris Saint-Germain themed NFTs to be released with CRYPTO.COM.

Among the 10,000 Tiger Champs NFTs, ten unique Tiger Champs Legends will depict one each of the ten championships won by France’s most decorated club. These ten tigers copy one of Jay Chou’s favourite poses – the V sign ("V for Victory") – while their left hand is holding the 2021-2022 Hexagoal trophy. The background for the Tiger Champs Legends NFTs features graffiti artwork.

The 1,970 Tiger Champs Premium NFTs stand out thanks to the tigers’ poses inspired by ten different player celebrations. On the top right there is the Parisian star, which symbolises the ten French championship titles won by the club.

The tigers in the Tiger Champs Premium NFTs wear the 2021-2022 season home and away strips.

Finally, the 8,020 basic Tiger Champs NFTs show the tiger making the “I love you” sign.

For all of these categories of NFT, there is a randomised allocation process based on a hundred or so criteria (tiger’s pose, clothes, accessories, background featuring Parisian landmarks, etc.) which guarantees each purchaser a completely unique NFT.

“It is an honour to continue my collaboration with Paris Saint-Germain, said Jay Chou. Football and music have the ability to break down barriers, whether geographical or linguistic. This NFT project will give fans the chance to win tickets to my concert in Paris next year. I am delighted to act as a bridge between Chinese and western cultures and to promote the values of inclusion and solidarity.”

“The club is continuing its foray into the world of NFTs with a collection that combines music and football, announced Fabien Allègre, Chief brand officer at Paris Saint-Germain. We are delighted to see the results of this first collaborative project with Jay Chou, a loyal friend of the club and patron of the Paris Saint-Germain endowment fund. It is the first time that we have made such a large collection of NFTs available to fans of the club and of Jay Chou worldwide. With time, these NFTs will find their usefulness within our common ground project in the metaverse."

The launch of this series goes hand-in-hand with a special NFT loyalty scheme. In addition to the opportunity for purchasers to be allocated a NFT at random, 10% of them will also receive a special gift connected with the series. Terms and conditions will apply.

The “Tiger Champs” collection of NFTs is Paris Saint-Germain’s third venture in the world of NFTs, after the collaboration with Lucky Buddy in April 2021 and the 7th Ballon d’Or series launched a few weeks ago.


Jay Chou is a highly versatile artist with hundreds of millions of fans in Asia. He is a singer, songwriter, film director, actor, art collector, presenter and magician. Born on 18th January 1979 in Taipei, Taiwan, he is married and has three children. He has won various awards during his career and has been an ambassador for several major global brands such as PSG, Tudor and Sotheby’s. At the age of 4, he learnt to play the piano and later the cello. At school, he took an interest in music, writing and composing songs. He was spotted for the first time in 1998, when a friend sang one of his songs in a televised talent show, accompanied by Jay on the piano. The programme’s presenter signed a contract with a record label so that the young man could write songs for other artists, which then led to him singing them himself. He started out as a songwriter then as a singer. In 2000, his first album, “Jay”, shot him to stardom. His musical style is a fusion of oriental and western traditions, with meaningful lyrics in a very personal narrative style. His second album, “Fantasy”, and the five that followed earned him hundreds of millions of fans of all ages across Asia. Jay Chou appeared on the cover of TIME magazine a few years after his career began. At the same time, Jay Chou made his first foray into acting in 2005. He has appeared in two Hollywood films: The Green Hornet and Now You See Me: The Second Act. He wrote a song for the latter, which was the first time that a Chinese song had been used as a theme tune for a Hollywood film. Jay Chou also sung the theme tune for Kung Fu Panda 3. Jay Chou adores France! The video for "Love Confession", which has had over 230 million views, was filmed in France. He also performed a magic show in the Pompidou Centre in Paris. The second season of his popular Netflix show “J-Style Trip” was filmed in France and featured Saskia de Rothschild, who owns Château Lafitte. In mid-July 2022, he will present his new album as well as a collection of NFTs in collaboration with PSG. Currently working on a number of projects, both in music and film, he is planning a concert in Paris, France, in 2023, where he lives for part of the year with his wife and children.


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