Paris Saint-Germain Academy head coach continues his world tour!

Last month, Benjamin Houri, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy head coach, set off to visit two of our academies overseas.

During each of his trips, his mission was to train the local coaches by teaching them the club's training methodology. His few days spent immersed in the academies also allows him to apply updates to training methods and spend time on the pitch with the staff to optimise the coaching process in every Paris Saint-Germain football school.

In mid-October, Benjamin headed off to Huye District in Rwanda to supervise training sessions overseen by the five local coaches. All five had been selected in April this year during a recruiting session organised with the Rwandan Football Federation.

The week's agenda included a training course combining theory and practice so as to best prepare for the start of the season at the academy, which will be welcoming 200 players. The coaching staff will be responsible for passing on the club's methodology and values.

Very satisfied with his visit, Benjamin Houri shared his impressions:

"It's a real pleasure to see that the coaches we recruited a few months ago are already applying our teaching methods perfectly and making rapid progress. Rwanda is a country that's passionate about football and this will be the first time a European academy has been set up there. Thanks to the quality of our coaches, our players will get to live a unique Paris Saint-Germain experience by taking a high-quality course."

Late October, over to Germany...

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Düsseldorf was opened over two years ago, but its work has been heavily impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

As part of his annual visit to Düsseldorf, Benjamin got to meet with the new coaching staff, freshened up for 2021/22, and check on the progress made by the 60 or so players who have been at the Academy since last season.

In both Rwanda and Germany – and the other 14 countries where Paris Saint-Germain Academies are based – the main objective is to help players improve while enjoying themselves at top-quality training facilities.

It was a case of mission accomplished in both nations, with the coaches perfectly applying the club's methodology to the huge benefit of the players. The coaches will follow their development throughout the year thanks to training courses that harmoniously combine theory and practice.  

Paris Saint-Germain are very proud to be able to share their knowhow in a country with such a distinguished football culture as Germany.