Our international fan clubs get to meet the players!

On Monday 30 October, an exceptional event took place for Paris Saint-Germain's international fans. During this 100% digital event, hundreds of fan club members had the chance to meet and chat with several first-team players.

In collaboration with the Jugo platform, Paris Saint-Germain came up with a unique concept to reward its fans around the world. The live event, hosted by Arsène F5 for over 2 hours, took place in an immersive and dynamic environment in the Club's colours. Innovative technology was used to capture the players live, giving fans the chance to spend some quality time with their favourite players. Among the players present were Kylian Mbappé, Manuel Ugarte, Gonçalo Ramos and Bradley Barcola.

The event also featured games, exclusive content and interaction with fans from all over the world, who were able to share their love and passion for Paris Saint-Germain. The very positive responses from the fans who attended the event, both live and in chat, are very encouraging arguments in favour of continuing to offer exceptional experiences to our fans living in every corner of the world.
Paris Saint-Germain would like to thank the fan club members who played the game so well and contributed to the success of this new format.