Luis Fernandez: 'Winning the league is fantastic'

Paris Saint-Germain legend and captain of the Rouge et Bleu side that won the club's first ever Ligue 1 title in 1986, Luis Fernandez spoke to PSG TV about this season's emphatic championship triumph!

Luis, does winning the championship in 1986 remain the highlight of your Paris Saint-Germain career?
It was exceptional. Especially because it was still a very young club. I grew up here, in the youth academy at the Camp des Loges... I grew up with players such as Carlos Bianchi, Mustapha Dahleb, the first great players at Paris Saint-Germain… Jean-Pierre Dogliani as well… and our presidents at the time: Daniel Hechter and Francis Borelli... it was a young club and we climbed the steps one by one… To be captain of Paris Saint-Germain and win a trophy is fantastic and definitely not easy.

We can see on the old footage that that victory was a very emotional moment…
We were all so happy… so happy! It was just incredible. When we won the league it was like your whole life passes in your mind, where you came from, your childhood, all the hard work… I felt all the desire was rewarded, all my hard work, to always give it everything, to never cheat… I felt so strong and proud of what we had achieved for Paris Saint-Germain.

Sometimes we forget how hard it is to win the title...
It’s very difficult… very, very tough. When the club was created, nobody imagined us winning the league. 50 years later and it’s a different story. Paris is the favourite and there is huge pressure on the club.

This year, Paris won the eighth league title in the club’s history. Are you proud that the club keeps on winning?
I love football. I love this sport. But I am also a member of the Paris Saint-Germain family and this club will always have a special place in my heart. I am immensely proud to see Paris win so many trophies.