"Great days are ahead of us"

Olivier , the President of the PSG Fan Club Toronto, tells us how lockdown is being experienced in his country and the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on his daily life.

Olivier, the President of the Fan Club Toronto, shares with us his feelings about the COVID-19 health crisis and how he's adapting to confinement. "In Canada, we've been in confinement for 1 month just like in France. I'm working from home, my wife as well and my children are taking their lessons by video. We had to organise our space so that everyone has a corner in which to work. Beyond that, we're doing a lot of activities. We're watching films as a family, playing board games and organising aperitifs via video with our friends. We're keeping in contact with the family thanks to Facetime."


In spite of this being a difficult time the links between the members of the Fan Club have not been lost, far from it in fact. The Champions League Round of 16 return leg against Dortmund is still fresh in the minds: "We have a Facebook page with the Fan Club and we publish content that links to the club. For example content regarding historic matches. With the members of the Fan Club who are in France we're staying in contact and getting their news. We were at our headquarters for the return leg of the Round of 16 game against Borussia Dortmund. It was the biggest audience we've ever had for a match at our headquarters. There was an incredible atmosphere, it was impressive. We were quite stressed before the first goal. Opening the scoring was incredible, there was a crazy atmosphere at the headquarters. The second goal led to an indescribable explosion of joy. Everyone was present for the party, it was magnificent."


For Olivier, the objectives haven't changed and the goal remains to win as many trophies as possible: "The objectives mustn't change, the team has had a fantastic season and is capable of doing great things, notably in Europe. Everything is possible. There's a superb team spirit and Paris Saint-Germain must have lofty objectives."

Facing up to the crisis, Olivier wanted to get across one last message: "The message is simple for everybody 'Stay at home', and if everybody respects the regulations then we'll eradicate the virus as quickly as possible. We need to be united and move forward hand in hand. Great days are ahead of us."