Clément Chantôme: "We'll need to play the perfect match"

After experiencing the first leg immersed in the Auteuil Stand with Nicolas Douchez, Clément Chantôme, who was trained at Paris Saint-Germain (249 competitive matches and 10 goals between 2006 and 2014) and is now a player and executive at C'Chartres Football, coached by none other than Laurent Fournier, believes in his club can qualify in the second leg. He explains why!

Clément, what did it feel like to be in the heart of the Auteuil Stand during a UEFA Champions League quarter-final?

"It was quite an incredible experience. I was there for the first time, just like Nicolas Douchez. It was magical to see the entire organisation in place for the tifos. We were in the heart of the stand and we realised the scale of the spectacle when we saw the images on TV... Incredible! I think everyone enjoyed it. We were in the best seats, not far from the 'capos', and it was great to have done that at least once in my life. The welcome from the Collectif Ultras Paris was very nice, and I want to thank them once again."

What did you make of the match?

"It's difficult to provide an analysis when watching a match from the stands, with the chants and everything happening around. However, I believe the match came down to the smaller details. Barcelona were more efficient than us and capitalised better on the few chances created. It's a shame that we managed to take the lead quickly but couldn't maintain it afterwards."

Are you confident for the second leg? 

"When you look at how the match unfolded, you realise that everything is still to play for in the return leg. I believe Paris can do it, will do it, but we'll need to play the perfect match to qualify. Even though the supporters were disappointed with the result, most remained optimistic for the second leg. And they will still be there in their numbers and will bring the noise in Barcelona!"