Academy Technical director visits the West Indies

Just two months after its launch, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy West Indies welcomed Technical Director Pierre-Yves Bodineau, for two weeks of training. 

Over the coming fortnight, the local coaches will have theory lessons and practical sessions on the pitch to enable them to fully understand and put into practice the Paris Saint-Germain methodology and philosophy. THe Academy coaches benefit from this constant technical support to ensure they are coaching in the best possible conditions.

There are already more than 100 young footballers on the pitch at Baillif, in western Guadeloupe.

The aim of this visit was to further progress the coaches already in place and help instruct the new coaches who have just joined te project. The priority was to spend as much time as possible on the pitch. 

During his time in Guadeloupe, Pierre-Yves Bodineau also conducted a training camp for the technical staff o the Paris Saint-Academy West Indies that tok place in Saint Anne on the east of the island. 20 young fans of the club took part in the training camp got to know the Paris Saint-Germain training methods.  

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Antilles is already living up to its great potential and a second location, at Abymes, on 4 November. In Martinique, two new training centres will open in Sainte Luce and Case Pilote later in the month.