A look back at our South African Fan Club's Christmas event

During the festive season, Paris Saint-Germain Fan Club South Africa organised a fun-filled event for its members to celebrate Christmas and to give children from various backgrounds a special moment in which to revel in their shared passion for football. The event also aimed to show the children that football brings everyone together, regardless of their origins.

The day began with a presentation on the history of Paris Saint-Germain, during which the children enjoyed being asked questions about both former and current players and were very well-informed about the club. With the majority of them being footballers for teams from the local area, the kids were allowed to show their talent and their love for the sport before enjoying a meal together later in the day. This gave them the chance to create bonds with each other, while the highlight of the event was very much the distribution of gifts from the club itself to the children.

With the smiles on the youngsters' faces at the end of the day bearing testament to the success of the event organised by our South African Fan Club, Paris Saint-Germain is proud to be able to rely upon its passionate and committed fans from around the world to convey the club's fundamental values.