The Fan Club NYC with Djorkaeff and Luyindula to watch Liverpool vs Paris

The Paris Saint-Germain New York Fan Club got together in Soho, Manhattan, for the launch of the unprecedented collaboration between PSG and Jordan.

The supporters used the opportunity to watch the match between the capital club and Liverpool. And there were a couple of very special guests in former Paris Saint-Germain stars Youri Djorkaeff and Peguy Luyindula. The fans also got to check out the new collection of sporting, training and lifestyle products along with influencers and members of the media.

"To have a dedicated Paris Saint-Germain space in Soho, a really trendy part of New York, is really special," declared Vincent, a PSG supporter living in New York for the last 14 years. "As is seeing our club become much more than just a football club! Before, there used to be 15 of us to see a match here in NYC. Now there are more than 100 of us for a big game."

"A lot of people have been walking past and come in to see what's going on," explained Peguy Luyindula. "They see the Paris Saint-Germain and Jordan logos, they are curious. Then they'll go home and talk to their friends about... it's incredible for the club's image."