Five letters that resonate around the world. Historically incomparable, culturally unique, the City of Light shines in the sporting world too in the colours red and blue.

Since 1970, the Parisian magic has been in constant supply in the west of the French capital at the Parc des Princes. In just a few decades, Paris Saint-Germain has become a benchmark in French sport. Over the 41 years of its existence, the club branded 'Made in Paris' has won 17 national trophies and one European (1995-96).


Already a standard bearer, the institution embarked on a sharp upward trajectory in 2011 when Qatar Sports Investments took the helm. A new era had started, and with it, came unprecedented success.

The facts are undeniable: Paris has established itself as a global city in all aspects. Elegance and respect are part of the fabric of the city, and these attributes are also clear in its ambassadors draped in Rouge-et-Bleu across three domains.


Men's football, women's football and handball: the badge brings them all together, forming them into the driving force behind an XXL-sized project.


In the age of globalisation, Paris Saint-Germain v2.0 is seeking to be both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in order to intensify its impact. It's unique in France: a club emblem that has been fashioned into a global brand, propelled by VIPs (Very Important Parisiens) like Beckham, Shirley Cruz and Karabatic. The gamble has paid off in unprecedented fashion.

The Capital club, with an increasing international profile, surfed this wave in order to capitalise. The mission was clear - win titles - and the trophy cabinet would attest to its success. In May 2017, the men's team claimed their 15th title in the space of six years! Paris' own 'Untouchables' - Thiago Silva, Maxwell and Pastore - took Paris to the top of the list of France's most successful clubs.

For six years now...

In 2015-2016, the Parisian 'Dream Team' helped itself to a second successive domestic quadruple - a performance never before seen among Europe's top five leagues. And European concerns were high on the club's list of priorities, with the Champions League trophy - the Holy Grail for all Parisians - the primary target for anyone wearing the red and blue Paris shirt. 

This thirst for titles is patent and palpable at all times and in every branch of the Club. The women's team have gone close to realizing their European dream on two occasions, reaching the Champions League final in 2015 and 2017. On the court, with seven against seven, it's a similar story: Paris Saint-Germain Handall, kings of the domestic scene, want to duplicate their domination in the most prestigious of competitions.

For six years now...

Paris Saint-Germain's Experts know what needs to be done: they have to reach Cologne - the spiritual home of the sport - where the Velux EHF Champions League's Final4 determines the season's champion. Now that they are familiar with the surroundings, they will be looking to fly Paris' colours high next season.

For six years now...

Yes, that's Paris: great champions on the field pushed by an ever-burning passion. And the numbers back it up: the phenomenon is growing in popularity, first of all in the stands, where the Parc des Princes boasts over 30,000 season-ticket holders per season.

Beyond its faithful fans, the Parisian arena boasts an attendance rate of 96% - quite simply a benchmark. On line, Paris Saint-Germain is also in a boom period, with tens of millions of fans (42 million in June 2017, for example), carving out a place among the world's top ten sporting franchises! With 95% of the readers of the club's sites coming from communities outside France (as of just before the beginning of the 2017-2018 season) Paris have moved into the global pantheon with a world-wide presence.

In the spring of 2017, KPMG and Brand Finance valued the company and the brand at the milestone sum of one billion dollars, showing that, over and above the upward-trending turnover and revenue, a strong dynamic has taken hold for the long-term.

Identity Pt3

This valuation was closely linked with the Club's know-how, especially in terms of youth development. The Club always seeks to integrate its young talents into the senior team, with the likes of Mamadou Sakho in the past and Adrien Rabiot in the present day being shining examples. Doubtless, future stars will emerge from the club's youth academy, which is heavily involved in the Paris region, conscious of its role in terms of social progress.

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At the heart of the Paris Saint-Germain family, the Foundation is the embodiment of this socially conscious vocation, looking to further that aim through its sporting and pedagogical activities. Presided over by Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the Foundation has seen its budget triple and its programme help more than 10,000 kids each year. Their latest initiative: the first-ever Red & Blue School, in the XIXth arrondissement, offers an innovative educational curriculum aimed at guiding kids between seven and 11 years of age towards success.

Paris: a leading light and a responsible and engaged club dedicated to helping kids find their calling and finding callings and overcoming obstacles. Parisian by birth or by choice; French or foreign; from the East of the West; one single characteristic binds us all: passion. A feeling that beats strong in our chests 365 days a year.