The Women's team back in action

The Paris Saint-Germain Women start their D1 season at Fleury on Saturday.

After more than a month of intense pre-season training, which included a US tour in Portland and Miami and a win at the¬†Gipuzkoa √Člite Football Women Cup in San Sebastian, Olivier Echouafni's players begin their league season at Fleury on Saturday.

"We have worked well over the last six weeks," Irene Paredes told us after she and her teammates had put the finishing touches to their pre-game prep in Bougival. "We've played a lot of matches, so we're well prepared. We're ready. We have to start well, and that means winning at Fleury on Saturday. It's important to start well, that will set us off on the right track. We'll give our all."

After arriving at the Club this summer , coach Echouafni is looking forward to beginning a new adventure: "We're all very excited about starting the league, even if there's a little uncertainty because it's the first game. All the teams will want to start well. Against Fleury, our objective will be to win, just like for all our other games this season. We're ambitious and we want to show that."