The Parc Executive Club going from strength to strength!

The Parc Executive Club, which comprises all the areas, salons and boxes at the Parc des Princes, has doubled down on quality over recent seasons and is now seeing its range of products diversifying incontestably.

Step by step over the years, numerous salons (Haussmann, Louvre...) have been created and private and collective boxes have appeared, with a view of the pitch or the Avenue du Parc, the new trendy zone of the Parc des Princes. Also, the 'Skybar Paris' - a lounge/bar perched atop the Parc des Princes' roof, offering a magnificent view of the pitch, is in the works. The capacity of the Parc Executive Club has reached 4,766, with a new record set for the visit of Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals in 2016 - 10% of the stadium's capacity. It only took five years for the club to make good on its ambitions for the transformation of its VIP spaces!

Since these major transformations took place, new spaces have appeared that improve capacity even further, and they are growing every season. This season, last year's record was beaten in the decisive UEFA Champions League group stage clash with Liverpool, with 5,203 clients enjoying the spectacle from the Parc Executive Club. The record could be broken once again when Manchester United come calling on 6 March...