Bathenay: 'Paris Saint-Germain is a trophy-winning machine'

Paris Saint-Germain won their first ever trophy back in 1982 and the Coupe de France winning captain that year, Dominique Bathenay spoke to PSG TV ahead of this Saturday's final against Rennes:

Dominique, you lifted the club's first ever Coupe de France back in 1982, and a thrilling win over Saint-√Čtienne, 2-2¬† (6-5 on pens). How did it feel?
"I had already won the Coupe de France with Saint-√Čtienne (in 1974, 1975 and 1977), but that first one with Paris Saint-Germain was really important for me. It came after four years of hard work and we were starting to make a name for ourselves in the league, and this win really put us in the limelight. In the end, the magic of the Coupe de France is to see these teams give it everything to succeed."

Was that first trophy a bit like the club's coming of age?
"It was a victory that was built over the entire season. The three previous seasons we had had problems. New players arrived and the club started laying new foundations. It's often an amazing comeback or something special in a match that can change everything. The most important thing was that the club did it and then went on with it."

You won the Coupe de France five times with Saint-Etienne and Paris Saint-Germain (1982 and 1983). Do you think it's a record that will be broken?
"Records are there to be beaten! It's part of football. Marceau Somerlinck was the first to win five Coupes de France (with Lille, in 1946, 1947, 1948, 1953 and 1955). His record was equalised (by him, and then by Alain Roche with Bordeaux in 1986 and 1987 and Paris Saint-Germain in 1993, 1995 and 1998), but it hasn't been beaten yet. If all the current players stay at the club, there's no reason why they won't break the record. Paris Saint-Germain is a trophy-winning machine and they have a great chance of winning this year's Coupe de France."