A weekend of success for PSG Judo

A golden team

After victory in the third round of the Ile-de-France championships two weeks ago, the junior men's team today returned to the championships in Villebon-sur-Yvette, celebrating their first national team title for their age category. Chartres (defeated 0-5), Morbihans Judo 56 (5-0), Vendée Judo (4-1), Stade Bordelais (3-2) and Olympic Judo Nice (3-0) in the final; victory for a generation rapidly embodying a new PSG. It was a title won with talent, experience and team spirit, keys to success that will contribute to a future of success.

Time for the quarter-finals

As soon as the draw was made around 8:00pm this morning, coaches Nicolas Mossion and Julien Boussuge had identified the tie that could prove to be the biggest challenge of the round. Ironically, given that it should fall on the same day as Bordeaux vs. PSG in Ligue 1, it would be Stade Bordelais vs PSG Judo on the same day. A Girondine team built for these team championships around excellent individual quality, who achieved success in cadets l last year. While Hugo Metifiot (-73kg category) launched the team, Eniel Caroly (-81kg category) was countered by the strong point Bordelais Giga Abuashvili, already vice-champion of France, a senior in 2018 despite still qualifying as a junior. Tanou Keita however scored twice and restarted things Paris. 2-1 for PSG, but the young Heydar Ouchen, even though he fought to the end, lost ground. A final before the hour and a fifth decisive fight that won Israel Dakayev on a strangulation, a technique he masters perfectly.


Tanou Keita excelled today, just like Israel Dakayev, and, when it was not these two, it was Yhonice Goueffon (-66kg category) who won with authority and some judo of real quality, his two fights of the day; it's also Heydar Ouchen, a -55kg that will be talked about quickly in -60kg that was sent, the solid -81kg Eniel Caroly, as the + 81kg Christopher Mvuama and the other -60kg Kevin Bourget, who were there in second blades. A victory for the team that was a moment of real pride for Nicolas Mossion; "For the record, I did not know if we would line up a team in this championship, the priority remaining individual results. Finally, it was a request of these young people, they have perfectly assumed. I felt a real unity and that is what made us win today. It was the watchword: rigor, involvement, which is not obvious because the club is built, that we are expected. I wanted them to stay focused. After the senior national title of Faiza Mokdar a few weeks ago (present in the stand with some of the fighters of the women's team, Ed), it is important. We play an individual sport but we can not do this without each other, so moving forward together is important. Construction goes through this kind of steps."