Remili: ‘It was just too far to come back’

Paris Saint-Germain lost their Coupe de France quarter-final 32-31 to Montpellier on Sunday, despite a great finish, as Jesus Gonzalez, Uwe Gensheimer and Nedim Remili revealed after the game:

Jesus Gonzalez (Paris Saint-Germain Handball assistant coach):
This is very tough to take… we lost a lot of balls and, given that we only had seven outfield players, it cost us dearly. We could have turned things around at the end, but our technical mistakes prevented us from doing so. We need to bounce back, but it’s hard to look forward at the moment, because we are so disappointed.

Uwe Gensheimer (Paris Saint-Germain Handball left-winger):
We had chances to come back and equalise, but we turned over too much possession and their lead just got too big. We’re far away from reeling them in, but overall, Montpellier deserved their win. We are hugely disappointed… But next week we have the Final4 of the Coupe de la Ligue and now we need to focus on that.

Nedim Remili (Paris Saint-Germain Handball right-back):
It was just too far to come back, even if we fought really hard. We are out of the Coupe de France, but we have to stay positive and see what worked and what didn’t work today. It’s not all doom and gloom… it’s only our second loss. We have to get back to work, like we always do. We need to bounce back and try to win the first trophy of the season next week in the Coupe de la Ligue.

(Credits: PatriciaSports)