Luc Abalo: 'We found a lot of solutions'

Raul Gonzalez, Luc Abalo and Gauthier Ivah gave us their thoughts on Paris Saint-Germain Handball's LSLS win over Istres.

Raul Gonzalez (Paris Saint-Germain Handball coach):
"Istres gave us some trouble for a bit, but we were very strong in attack tonight. Especially in the second half, when our defence was better and offered us more counter-attacks and thus goals. We have played a lot of matches already this season, so every weekend off is a godsend for the players, who will have a chance to rest up before the next match."

Luc Abalo (Paris Saint-Germain Handball right-winger):
"I think we were better organised in attack than they were. We found a lot of solutions, even though we missed a few of our chances. Our 5-1 defence posed them plenty more problems than our 6-0 and that helped us to pull further ahead. It's great to have another weekend off, to chill out a bit, because we know the end of the season will be very tough."

Gauthier Ivah (Paris Saint-Germain Handball 'keeper):
"Overall, we controlled the match well. Istres were on a strong run and they lived up to it tonight, never giving up even though we widened the gap considerably in the second half. It meant we had to stay focused and play hard right up until the final buzzer. Our lead gave me the opportunity to play for ten minutes and I was just thinking about making saves, It was really ideal for me to go on at that moment."