Rabiot : 'Neymar Jr will settle in easily'

Goalscorer in the Trophée des Champions and in the starting line-up against Amiens, Adrien Rabiot stopped by our studio on Thursday to talk about his start to the season, the trip to Guingamp and - of course - Neymar Jr's arrival in the squad.

Adrien, first of all, how was Neymar Jr's arrival and all the hubbub around it?
"It's true that Neymar Jr's arrival caused quite a fuss! People are happy, it brought quite a lot of people together. The supporters hurried to get his shirt. It became quite a thing in the media, but in the team, we were focussed on the first game against Amiens. We wanted to start with a good result at home. We're happy to have him though, because he's a great player, he's going to be a plus for the team and will help us in our goals; He's going to be able to settle in easily thanks to the other Brazilian players and he's young, so we're interested in the same things, I have no doubt."

You started with a win against Amiens (2-0), it was vital to start positively, wasn't it?
"Of course, we know we have to start in the best possible way. Last season, we didn't start as well as we wanted, and we constantly had to chase those in front of us. We have to quickly take first place and then maintain our form. Now, we've started in the best possible way."

Rabiot : 'Neymar Jr will settle in easily'

You now go to Guingamp to face a team that caused you problems last year...

There are matches like that which are difficult. They're not necessarily the biggest teams on paper, but we know in football that the little teams can beat the big ones. It just takes a lapse in concentration, your opponents super-motivated...we've been caught out before. We have to learn from our mistakes and approach the match in the right way."

You scored in the Trophée des Champions (2-1) two weeks ago. Have you been instructed to play higher up the pitch, get involved in more goals?
"It's important to contribute in terms of goals and assists, whether you're a striker, a midfielder or even a defender. We want to score goals and to help our team-mates score. We have talked with the coach and set objectives. He wants me to score more, he says that I'm capable of doing that. That's good, it spurs me on and that makes the different, especially in the match against Monaco during the Trophée des Champions. When you're pushed to improve, of course you move forward."