Dani Alves: Paris' 30th Brazilian

With the signature of Dani Alves, Paris now have the 30th Brazilian player in their history, further bolstering the historic link between the capital club and the Auriverde.
Dani Alves: Paris' 30th Brazilian

The tradition began in 1972 when 1970 World Champion Joel Camargo signed despite the capital club's having longed to sign the King Pelé, who was at the time at the very peak of his powers. Paris' directors had reached an agreement with Pelé's club, Santos, but Pelé declined the offer, opting to stay in Brazil with his family. Since this first transfer, numerous other Brazilians have enchanted the capital club's fans, who haven't forgotten the duo composed of playmaker Valdo and defensive rock Ricardo, who both arrived from Benfica in 1991.

The duo became a trio when unforgettable captain Rai arrived and won everything with Paris between 1993 and 1998. A few years later, Paris signed the magician Ronaldinho, who reigned over the Classicos from 2001 to 2003, and more recently the likes of David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Lucas and the newly retired Maxwell. Four Brazilian world champions have worn the Parisian jersey: Joel Camargo (1970), Rai (1994), Ronaldinho and Vampeta (2002).

Thirty Brazilian players in 47 years: exceptional and unparalleled in French football. Paris have outdone Marseille (23 Brazilian players), Bordeaux (20), Monaco (18), Lyon (16), Saint-Etienne (13) and Nice (11). And, outside France, the trend continues: Paris Saint-Germain have had more Brazilians than FC Barcelona (24 players) and Real Madrid (23), two clubs renowned for always harbouring some Brazilian talent. The bond between Paris and Brazil is unmatched in France but also far from over, as the special-edition away jersey that pays homage to the club's Brazilian stars can attest…

Dani Alves: Paris' 30th Brazilian

Brazilian players to have graced France's big clubs:

Paris Saint-Germain (30): Abel Braga, Adailton, Alex Costa, Alex Dias, José Aloisio, André Luiz, Dani Alves ,Joel Camargo, Marcos Ceara, César, Christian, David Luiz, Edmilson, Everton, Geraldao, Leonardo, Lucas, Marquinhos, Maxwell, Armando Monteiro, Nene, Paulo César, Rai, Reinaldo, Ricardo, Ronaldinho, Souza, Thiago Silva, Valdo, Vampeta.
Marseille (23): Carlos Adriano, Sonny Anderson, Andrade, André Luis, André Luiz, Brandao, Pires Constantino, Eduardo Costa, Cruz, Dill, Doria, Edson Da Silva, Fernandao, Demetrius Ferreira, Luiz Gustavo, Vitorino Hilton, Jairzinho, Marcelinho, Lucas Mendes, Carlos Mozer, Paulo Cesar, Lucas Silva, Vasconcellos.
Bordeaux (20): André, Christian, Eduardo Costa, Deivid, Denilson, Fernando, Paulo Sergio Gralak, Henrique, Jussié, Malcom, Marcio Santos, Mariano, Paulo Miranda, Pablo, Plinio, Ricardinho, Savio, Thiago Ribeiro, Valdeir, Wendel.
Monaco (18): Adriano, Yeso Amalfi, Sonny Anderson, Bolivar, Gabriel Boschillia, José Brandaozinho, Matheus Carvalho, Eduardo Costa, Fabinho,Luis Henrique, Jemerson, Jorge, Maicon, Nenê, Carlos Ruiter, Fabio Santos, Vagner Love, Wallace.
Lyon (16) : Cléber Anderson, Sonny Anderson, Michel Bastos, Claudio Cacapa, Pires Constantino, Cris, Ederson, Edmilson, Giovane Elber, Fred, Juninho, Marcal, Marcelo, Nilmar, Rafael, Fabio Santos.
Saint-Etienne (13) : Alex Dias, José Aloisio, Brandao, Cuca, Oswaldinho De Oliveira, Ilan, Luiz Alberto, Nivaldo, Eduardo Oliveira, Paulao, Rodrigao, Tinola, Agostinho Zara.
Nice (11) : Adeilson, Yeso Amalfi, José Brandaozinho, Dante, Dalbert Henrique, Ederson, Carlos Eduardo, Everson, Wallyson Mallmann, Rubenilson.

Totals including players to have made at least one appearance with the clubs senior team in official competition or who have been recruited for season 2017-2018.