About the Pre-Youth Academy

About the Pre-Youth Academy

Since the founding of the PSG Youth Academy in 1974, a number of graduates have gone on to sign professional contracts with PSG or other clubs - a sign of the quality of the teaching and training provided. 

Those not fortunate enough to become a professional footballer at the end of their studies benefit from a complete education provided in parallel to their football activities.


Technical Director of the Youth Academy: Carles Romagosa 

Director of the Youth Academy: Jean-François Pien

Pre-Academy Extra-sporting Director: Pascal Hilbert 

Youth Academy and Academic Administrative Director: Tarek M'Henni 

After school care: Mallé Traoré, Damien Thomas, Catherine Martins and Florence Machado

Boarding staff: Ahmed Cherifi, Nikolay Suvorov, Fayssal Benchrifa and Issam BenKheder

School staff: Mamdou Sy, Ali Adioui and four out-sourced teachers

Important Information
Required standard: Regional for the pre-youth academy and National for the youth academy.

Coaching Staff

U15 coach: Saïd Aigoun
U15 assistant coach: Florian Le Gall
U14 coach: Thomas Leyssales
U14 assistant coach: Arnaud Amaouche
U14 and U15 fitness coach: Mickaël Simao
Goalkeeping coaches: Jean-Luc Aubert, Alfred Dossou-Yovo

Medical staff

Doctors: Stéphane Cascua, Romain Beaufort
Physiotherapists: Grégory Delente, Fanny Beucherie and Vincent Carlier


Centre de Formation du Paris Saint-Germain
Service recrutement
7 avenue Kennedy
78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Pre-Youth Academy squads

38 players: 19 U14, 19 U15.


Monday: Basic skills, thematic games, coordination.
Tuesday: General skills, aerobic development, principles of football.
Wednesday: Matches or excursions.
Thursday: Advanced skills, small-sided games, muscle strengthening.
Friday: Speed, team organisation, tactics.


The boarding house is located at the Val-de-Seine Base de Loisirs in Verneuil. It comprises 19 twin rooms and eight classrooms. A common room (table soccer, home cinéma, table tennis), a reading room, computer room and laundry, with two washing machines and a dryer are also available for the young players. The kids are accompanied by four carers and four boarding masters.


The students are schooled at the Jean Zay Public School in Verneuil sur Seine. They have special class hours to allow them to attend training. Their academic education is assured by seven teachers.

Pre-Youth Academy Centre at Verneuil-sur-Seine

Base de Loisirs Chemin du Rouillard - 78480 Verneuil-sur-Seine