The Paris Saint-Germain Academy comes in Turkey !


Paris Saint-Germain has launched this Saturday 26th May a new Paris Saint-Germain Academy in Turkey, at Istanbul. Based on an exclusive partnership with Futbol Union company, this is the first Paris Saint-Germain’ school established in the Turkish territory.

Under the watchful eye of Turkish former international player, Serhat Akin, who was appointed Sports Director, the young Turkish players aged between 4 and 16 will be able to take part in training sessions organized by Paris Saint-Germain in three different places: 

- On Beylikdüzü and Bakırköy pitches established on Istanbul European side.
- Within Ümraniye facilities, on Asian side.  

As of September, Paris Saint-Germain will reinforce its presence in Turkey with the opening of three additional centres in Bursa and Antalaya cities, and within Turkey’s capital, Ankara. 

Besides training sessions developed under Club’ values and philosophy, about 2,000 children across the territory will also enjoy an exclusive learning content through language courses and nutritional follow-up. 

To that end, the young players enrolled will take part in training sessions conducted both in English and French to get the basics of two foreign languages as well as individualized courses through a partnership with the American language schools, LIFE. A nutritionist doctor will monitor each youth individually and a mental preparation and performance consultant will intervene occasionally with them. 

Fabien Allègre, Merchandising and Brand Diversification Director of Paris Saint-Germain, declared: “Bridging Europe and Asia, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy opening in Turkey falls within the continuation of our international development. Thanks to our partners and our coaches’ excellent methods, our Turkish young fans will enjoy the better training conditions and an innovative nutritional follow-up”

With the new training centres opening, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy now welcomes more than 12,000 children across 69 year-round training centres divided in 14 countries: France, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, China and Turkey.