Thierry Omeyer: 'We have to have a huge match on Sunday'

Thierry Omeyer, who is having a great start to the season with Paris Saint-Germain Handball, talks about the last Velux EHF Champions League match as well as the next one - against Celje on Sunday. He also spoke about new goalkeeping partner Rodrigo Corrales. Was the match against Flensburg (33-29) similar to the defeat against Nantes (26-32)?

Thierry Omeyer: I think it's a bit different, even though on both occasions we were up against high-level teams. Against Nantes, we couldn't find a way back into the match after a tough start. In Flensburg, things were a bit more positive as we managed to get back on level terms and then take the lead just before the break.

The next match is against Celje. A chance to get back on track?

We know that this will be another tough game. In any case, in this Champions League group, there are no easy matches. We need to go into the match fully invested if we're to win it. We had to play hard to beat Brest (32-28), and it won't be any different on Sunday.

Thierry Omeyer: 'We have to have a huge match on Sunday'

The league is getting tougher as well, isn't it?

Absolutely! In the Lidl StarLigue, there are a lot of good teams. Nantes are one of them for sure. After their great performance last season, they are looking ambitious. And we mustn't forget Montpellier, Saint-Raphaƫl and Dunkerque, who have all started well. We're concentrating on all our upcoming adversaries.

This season, you're sharing 'keeping duties with Rodrigo Corrales and we see that you two talk a lot. How do you get along?

I get along really well with Rodrigo. We're getting to know each other. He is starting to make headway with his French, so that's a good thing. He's a 'keeper who really wants to learn. I try to pass on as many things as I can and give him good advice.

Thierry Omeyer: 'We have to have a huge match on Sunday'

What do you make of his first few performances?

He is already doing extremely well and will certainly keep making progress. You don't stop improving as a 'keeper at the age of 26. He has huge potential! He has already done some great things with us and I'm sure he will continue to do so. The two of us work very well together and there is no reason for that to change.

This is one of the first international breaks where you won't be joining up with the France team. How does it feel?

It's special, as it's really the first time during the course of a season that I won't be joining up with the France team. It means that I'll have a chance to recover and recharge the batteries but also do some physical work! But I will be supporting my friends from a distance.

Thierry Omeyer: 'We have to have a huge match on Sunday'