Sander Sagosen: 'Really a great squad'

Sander Sagosen has adapted quickly to his new life. Be it on or off the court, the Paris Saint-Germain playmaker gives the impression of having been here forever. He takes a look back at his first few months with the capital club. Did you expect to settle in so quickly here in Paris ?

Sander Sagosen: It's hard to say… I tried to prepare myself as best I could with this new team over the summer. There are lots of excellent players and you have to work very hard to win a place in the team, but I love that!

How was your reception when you arrived?

The players all welcomed me with open arms. They made sure that I very quickly felt at ease. It's with that kind of feeling that we'll play better on the court. It's really a great squad.

Sander Sagosen: 'Really a great squad'

Last week, Thierry Omeyer sang your praises in the press. How was that for you?

Receiving compliments from a player of Titi's calibre is always very nice. He's a very experienced player. He has had an amazing career. He is very serious in every training session. I work too in order to be able to play alongside him as well as Daniel (Narcisse) and the whole team.

You're taking on Flensburg in the Champions League on Saturday afternoon. Do you know the club?

Yes, I have played at the Flens-Arena in the past. There is an extraordinary atmosphere there, as is the case in most German handball venues. On top of that, it's a Champions League match so it will of course be a very high-level encounter. We know it will be tough.

Do you think it's possible to top the group?

Why not? Even though Veszprém have won their first two matches too. The Hungarians are playing very well. They fought back hard against Flensburg and got the win. But Flensburg have a great team too. They will all be tough matches.

Sander Sagosen: 'Really a great squad'

(Credits: TeamPics/PSG)