Nedim Remili: 'We want to see Coubertin jumping'

A few days out from the beginning of the Lidl StarLigue season, Nedim Remili spoke about Paris Saint-Germain Handball's upcoming matches. The Rouge et Bleu right-back knows that his team will have to fight hard to reach its objectives - and that they will be counting on their fans to help them do so. The league campaign begins soon. How are you feeling about the new Lidl StarLigue season?
Nedim Remili: This is a really tough league. We will be facing some really strong teams, like Montpellier, Saint-Raphaël and Nantes. We'll have get everything just right against these teams, who often give that little bit extra when they play against us.

And it all begins on Wednesday, with a derby…
That's right, and we really want to get back on track after losing the final of the Trophée des Champions. We can't wait. Even if we beat Ivry by one or ten goals, that won't erase our defeat. But it will give us a chance to give a good impression of our team.

You'll also have a chance to connect with your supporters again!
We really want to see people show up in numbers at Coubertin, the way they did last season. We need them to get behind us no matter which competition we’re playing in. We're counting on our fans to help us keep growing.

Then there is also the Velux EHF Champions League, which begins on Sunday in Kiel, as it did last season…
At that point we had quite a few new faces in the squad, so we didn't necessarily have such a good understanding with each other. Thus year, we only had three new arrivals, including a 'keeper and pivot, which are, generally speaking, easier positions in which to integrate. There was also Sander (Sagosen), who adapted very quickly so this should be a very different match from the one last year. But we know it's never easy to go there and get a win. Our talent won't be enough on its own; we'll need to really take the fight to them.

Speaking of  Sander, how have his first few months in Paris gone?
We've known each other for quite a while, as we played against each other for our respective countries' youth teams. So I know him and I like him a lot. He's a really great guy. I have complete faith in him to be a real plus for our team. Despite his youth, he has an enormous amount of talent.

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