Another derby, another win!

On Wednesday night, in Lidl StarLigue round 2 action, Paris Saint-Germain played host to promoted Massy. A derby (the second in a row after Ivry) that the Rouge et Bleu controlled perfectly.

Mikki and Titi start strongly

As was the case a few days ago, when Paris beat Kiel, the match took a few minutes to really get going, with Nedim Remili finally breaking the deadlock (4’: 1-0). Both teams' hermetic defending continued after that, but two Rouge et Bleu players soon put their stamp on proceedings. The first was Thierry Omeyer (12 from 24, 50%), who blocked several opposition efforts (7’: 3-2), and the second was none other than Mikkel Hansen, who grabbed a quick-fire three goals (10’: 5-3).

Iron curtain

Zvonimir Serdarusic's men concede very few goals. While the prowess of Omeyer can take a lot of the credit, it is clear to see that he receives a lot of help from his teammates. This excellent relationship allowed the capital club to shut Massy out for the first eight minutes of the match. Luc Abalo stood out in a number of sectors, making the intercept for Nikola Karabatic to score on the counter (17’: 8-5) and then scoring himself from the wing (21’: 10-5).

Paris cut loose before half-time

Paris' play got faster and faster and the visitors, despite showing enormous heart, started to struggle to keep up. The attacking line made the most of it: th Karabatic brothers linked up well, with Nikola providing the assist and Luke finishing it off (25’: 13-6). After Thierry saved a penalty (28’: 14-7) and Nedim scored on the buzzer, our side headed into the dressing room with a comfortable lead.

Half-time score: 17-7

A thundering return

The short break had zero effect on our lads' game. After shining in the first half, Mikkel Hansen kept it rolling, launching a missile into the back of Massy's net (31’: 18-7) and then scoring with a sublime spin-shot (33’: 20-8) before putting away a penalty (35’: 21-8). Luc Abalo also picked up where he left off in the first half, scoring with a chabala (38’: 24-10) and a superb interception/shot/goal combination (40’: 25-11).

'Keepers change, result doesn't

A major positive of the second half was proof that, even when Paris' 'keepers switch, the defence is every bit as solid. A few seconds after coming on, Rodrigo Corrales scored - from his own half with his very first touch (43’: 28-21). He then followed up with a double save (44’: 28-12) and shut out Massy out for a full nine minutes. It took a magnificent kung-fu from Antoine Conta to break the hoodoo (50’: 28-12).

New faces already at home

However, the Rouge et Bleu attack had been struggling for some minutes to stay on target. No problem for Rodrigo (6 from 10, 60%), who brought Coubertin to its feet with a fine penalty save (52’: 28-13). In the aftermath, Sander Sagosen got Paris back to scoring ways (54’: 29-13) and then the new recruits hit their straps, Jovo Damjanovic getting in on the act with a double (57’: 31-15) with Sander striking one last time to close out an excellent win for the Parisians.

Final score: 33-17

Dominant right from the start, Paris Saint-Germain Handball claimed a deserved win over Massy Esssonne Handball. The Rouge et Bleu still boast a perfect record this season as they head back into European competition, against Meshkov Brest at Coubertin on Sunday.

The Parisian scorers:

Mikkel Hansen (9 goals), Luc Abalo (5), Sander Sagosen, Nedim Remili (4), Luka Karabatic (3), Uwe Gensheimer, Jovo Damjanovic (2), Daniel Narcisse, Nikola Karabatic, Dylan Nahi (1).

The Parisian 'keepers:
Thierry Omeyer: 12 from 24 (50%)
Rodrigo Corrales: 6 from 10 (60%)

(Credits: Team Pics/PSG)