Paris Women’s team visit the Necker Children’s Hospital

The Paris Saint-Germain’s Women’s team visited the Necker Children’s Hospital on Tuesday as part of the partnership between the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation and the world’s first-ever pediatric hospital.

This annual event is as eagerly anticipated by the players as it is by the children who get an inspirational break from the daily life of the hospital.

Around a festive galette des rois, the players and children, along with the educators of the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation shared a nice moment in the hospital’s theatre before an autograph and photo session ensured this heart-warming day was preserved for eternity.

Sabrina Delannoy, assistant director of the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation declared: “This is an important day for the kids, a chance to recharge and take their minds off their illnesses. The girls have brought a lot of joy to the event, lots of smiles and even a few gifts! It’s not a lot, but it means a lot to the children and the players alike! The players get a lot out of a day like today. The children are so courageous and they really bring us all back down to earth, that we are so lucky and that children sometimes have it very tough. It’s a really great day for everyone.”

Paris Women’s team visit the Necker Children’s Hospital

Player and Foundation patron Laure Boulleau added: “Like every year, this is a really special day and we are all very happy to come and spend some time with the kids. They are all so strong, they fight against their illnesses every day, and that’s a real reality check for us. To see them smile is truly heart-warming.”

About the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation

The first foundation created by a French sporting club, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation has been working alongside children and young adults for the last 17 years. To this day, 210,000 youths have benefitted from the Foundation’s sporting and educational programs both in France and internationally. The Foundation works with children in the community on a permanent and daily basis.

The Foundation’s Missions: Aid the integration of young adults into the community, both socially and professionally – More than 300 educators have emerged from Foundation’s professional insertion programs. These young people, who have received diplomas from community service, sporting and educational courses, now pass on their experiences to younger generations.

Aid young people from under-privileged communities – The Foundation Educators work in the community. They work with specific programs such as: ‘Allez les filles!’ (‘Let’s go, girls!’), ‘Journée des enfants’ (‘Kids day’), ‘Vacances PSG’ (‘PSG Vacations’)… The Foundation has also opened the École ROUGE & BLEU (RED & BLUE School), an after school program that combines sporting, educational and cultural activities to accompany the children as they grow and encourage them to succeed.

Bring comfort to ill childre*n* – The professional players from the three Paris Saint-Germain first-teams visits to hospitals throughout the Paris region are always eagerly anticipated events, as are the invitations to watch matches in the stadia and visit the training centres. The players are committed to offering the children a moment of comfort. The Foundation works hand in hand with its partner, the Necker Children’s Hospital and around 30 other charity organisations.