Academy coaches on the move

There are plenty of changes within the coaching ranks of the Paris Saint-Germain Academies around the world, ahead of the start of a new year's coaching, training and playing! 

Several coaches have decided to change their place of work, while staying part of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy family. Arnaud Cattenoy, former head of recruitment for the Morocco FA and having run the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Canada for the last year, will soon be installed as Technical Director of the Academy Morocco. He is the brother of Cédric Cattenoy, former PSG Junior Youth Academy director and himself former technical director of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy. The Academy Morocco continues its development in association with Prestigia, inaugurating a new training pitch in Casablanca in August – the fourth centre around the country.

Academy coaches on the move

In India, Pierre-Marie Huard, formerly of the Academy training camps in England, takes of the reins of the Academy India which operates three centres in Gurgaon.

At the new Academy Libya, it's former Academy Egypt boss Sébastien Brevot-Choplin who is the new technical director. He is already working in Beirut where he is directing a summer camp at E-Club – one of the academy's sites in Libya, before the opening of the permanent academy in September.

In Cairo, Cyril Klosek replaces Brevot-Choplin as the technical director of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Egypt. But before heading to his new home, he will spend a week's training camp at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy in France with other local coaches to adopt the Rouge et Bleu methodology.